Custom, Classic, Unique, Weird & Wonderful, high quality Hand-built Effect Pedals featuring beautiful Etched Enclosures.

I hand build quality effect pedals; things you won't find anywhere else, others are based on classic, rare or vintage designs.

I strive to build both practical, reliable and great sounding pedals for professional musicians, and finely crafted, intrinsically aesthetic art pedals for enthusiasts... actually, I always try to do both things at once.

The Gallery contains both current models and custom or personal builds. If you are interested in an unpriced item, please contact me regarding availability.

Codtone pedals use only top quality switches, jacks and components that are carefully chosen for sound, reliability and, occasionaly, mojo.

I believe in being green, so default models do not include a battery snap. As every pedal is hand etched, some variations, imperfections and random markings will occur. This is to be expected and should be celebrated. Every etch is unique and these natural variations are an essential part of the Codtone esthetic!

I primarily now do Custom builds, but also pedal and amp repairs and some modifications. Occasionally I build amps too. To see what I'm up to daily, get the scoop on specials and other deals, find and like the Facebook page. I Instagram too.

Ben (aka Captain Cod & Guitarmageddon)


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