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  • Mike Moreno using codtone!

    14 May at 13:59 from atlas

    New York jazz monster Mike Moreno is using the new codtone "Bunyip" overdrive- all the time! I caught his gig at the Fat Cat ...

  • February Pedal Give Away!

    10 February at 21:06 from atlas

    I'm giving away a free one-off etched "Scorpio Super Lead" pedal. ...

  • James Cruickshank has a Wow-wah!

    17 December at 19:49 from atlas

    Here's ...

  • Jim Kelly using Codtone!

    19 September at 10:00 from atlas

    I'm very pleased to announce that legendary Aussie guitarist Jim Kelly now has three codtone pedals on his board, a ...

  • The Guts #1

    27 June at 11:00 from atlas

    Ever wondered whats inside? It starts with a Curcuit Board...

  • Codpiece Boards Available Now!

    17 May at 14:47 from atlas

    A limited run of Codpiece circuit boards are available for purchase for my DIY brothers and sisters . ...

  • Etched Enclosures Available

    10 February at 11:07 from atlas

    I've been experimenting with acid... ...

  • The English Professor

    2 January at 17:53 from atlas

    Just finished up a double pedal, The English Professor (R.O.G. English channel & Professor Tweed) these are really great amp emulators ...

  • Over-run with Overdrives

    19 November at 21:49 from atlas

    I've been searching for the perfect Od pedal, and have been busily building many of the famous ones... ...


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