• Over-run with Overdrives

    19 November at 21:49 from atlas

    I've been searching for the perfect Od pedal, and have been busily building many of the famous ones...
    Some are *similar* to the Klon, Honey Bee, RC booster, Zen, classic TS and OCD.
    I can't keep them all so drop me a line if you're interested in any of them, they're all great in their own way and available at very cut rate prices...

    #1 Ze... 'Ben' Drive, #2 Screamer variant with Boost, #3 Honey B with Boost, #4 Baja Drive with Booster, #5 OCDish, #6 Klon(e), #7 Very similar to the RC Boosta.

    *note these pedals are similar only, I am in no way affiliated with Klon, Hermidia, BJF, Xotic or Fulltone.


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